On Surviving

Priya Srinivasan



Dr. Priya Srinivasan is a dancer, choreographer and writer who combines theory and practice. Her performances and research prioritize decolonization making visible minority women's histories. 

Originally from Melbourne, Priya was trained in the classical and contemporary Indian and Asian arts and performed extensively in Australia and Asia. Her work brings together live bodily performance with visual art, interactive multimedia and digital technology to think about archives of the body, migration, and female labor. She has performed in several festivals and sites in Melbourne such as Mapping Melbourne 2016, Jaipur Literary Festival Melbourne 2017, AsiaTOPA 2017, at the Treasury Building, Fed Square, Immigration Museum and Dancehouse. 

Most recently she was selected to tour the Indigenous/Indian feminist multi disciplinary collaboration of Churning Waters to India for Australia Festival in India in 2019. 

Her work has also been presented in diverse settings such as universities, museums, galleries, and theatres internationally in Los Angeles, Chicago,  London, Lund, Salzburg, Geneva, Hamburg, Berlin, Amsterdam, Chennai, and Bangalore to name a few. 

With a PhD in Performance Studies from Northwestern University, Priya is the author of “Sweating Saris: Indian Dance as Transnational Labour” which looks at the connection between decolonization, citizenship, immigration and dance.  

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